Sketch style

Single character portrait with plain background. Sketch style lineart with flat colours.

No add-ons for this style.

Portrait style

Single character, waist-up portrait with background.

Add-ons: extra characters, detailed background, props.

Illustration style

Single character, full body portrait with background.

Add-ons: extra characters, detailed background, props.

OK / Not OK

OK: original characters, fan art, animal ears/tails (kemonomimi), BL/GL

FF14 characters are allowed ♡( ◡‿◡ )

Not OK: anthro, furry,* mecha, NSFW, real people

 * Hrothgar are OK but please be warned it is not my strength.

Only the styles offered will be available to request.

Requests for other styles are not accepted at the time.

Requests with hateful or disrespectful content will not be considered.


All prices are in USD. Cryptocurrencies/NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are not accepted as payment options.

The full invoice payment is required before I begin work. 

25% of the total cost will be retained as a cancellation fee after I have started the sketch.

At my discretion, you can ask for a 100% refund if the work has not yet begun.

Additional fees: extra characters, complex backgrounds, heavy detail, complicated armour and weapons, many props, etc... 

Major changes (pose. composition, etc...) after the sketch is approved are subject to a $15% fee per change, at the artist's discretion.

What you get

  • Sketch for approval (up to 3 revisions)

  • Work in progress images when requested

  • High resolution (350 dpi) image without watermark

  • Low resolution watermarked image for posting on social media

* if you would like a physical version of your commission printed, please mention the desired size (up to 13" x 19" ) in your request for a quote.

Turnaround time

Anticipated turnaround time is 3-8 weeks after I begin the sketch.

Your piece may take longer depending on wait list/other reasons but may also be done sooner. I will keep you informed about delays but you can message me at any time for a status update.

Let me know if you have a deadline to meet when you send the commission request.

Terms of use

I reserve the right to turn down commission requests.

All commissions are for non-commercial, personal use only. You are free to use the artwork without profit if you are the commissioner. Credit on social media is appreciated but not required.

I retain intellectual and creative copyright to the artwork. Unless specified in advance, commissions (work in progress and completed illustrations) are posted on social media and may appear in my portfolio as samples. I will not mint/re-sell/repurpose your commissions.


You are prohibited from reselling commissioned artworks.  You may not mint/re-sell commissioned artwork for NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

© 2020 by Susan Hwang

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